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Some useful links to explore and courses that I recommend to most of my clients:



FAMSA is an NGO that offers couple and family counselling. An excellent resource, particularly for couples who have financial constraints or who need after hours sessions. In addition to relationship counselling, FAMSA also provides expert services for couples struggling with domestic violence and they have a Men Stopping Violence Group that offers a therapeutic space to perpetrators. Bereavement, trauma and divorce counselling is also available.

Mankind Project South Africawww.mkp.org.za 

A powerful weekend course for men, followed by an ongoing men’s group. An empowered approach to being a man in today’s world and developing the mature masculine. What sets the mature masculine apart is accountability, authenticity, compassion, generosity, integrity, multicultural awareness, respect, learning the value of challenge and the power of support, breaking the competitive cycle, learning to resolve conflict, challenging old habits, finding acceptance, and connecting to feelings (emotional literacy). Highly recommended!

Art of Being – www.soul-development.co.za

An intensive and deeply transformative course that runs weekly for a year. A brilliant investment for anyone who is looking for a strong and solid foundation for personal growth and soul development. The course combines both educational components and art process work, within a group context. The knowledge is anthroposophical and is deeply insightful and liberating on many levels. It is a course that teaches you how to be in relationship with yourself and do the inner work needed to become a powerful, authentic and conscious human being in the world.