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Contact & NB Info

My practice is in Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa and I only work with couples and families (not individual therapy).

Phone 076 882 8681,   E-mail: pippa@relating.co.za

Fees for 2024 – 1 hr session is R1200 and 1½ hr is R1800. Fees go up every January. Clients pay me after each session and can then claim from medical aid if they have.

Unfortunately I am currently fully booked and not taking on new clients. I also don’t have a waiting list, because it got too long and unmanageable. I am currently working on a book and an internet course to provide support, due to not being able to meet the demand for therapy. I’m hoping this will be completed this year.

For other great EFT therapists, please look at the South African website for Emotionally Focused Therapy (www.eftsouthafrica.co.za). Any certified EFT therapist will be good, and those in training are also great, because EFT is such an effective form of therapy.

Appointment info

Appointment times are either weekly, every second week or “as needed”. “As needed” means I fit you in when I have cancellations.

Emotionally Focused Couple & Family Therapy is designed to be brief term therapy, between 10 and 30 sessions. This varies for different couples and families depending on the following:

  • The level of past attachment injuries or unprocessed trauma.
  • Whether there are additional contributing factors, like abuse, addictions, affairs or individual difficulties with depression, anxiety, illness and so on.
  • The healthiness of patterns of relating, including communicating and repairing from conflict.
  • The length that a couple or family has been struggling with their specific stuck relating pattern.
  • The level of hope and commitment in the relationship.

Couples and families that know what they need, help direct the sessions and stay aware of what they are working on between sessions tend to get what they need more quickly. Click on this link for an EFT MAP to get a sense of the EFT journey or to track where you are in it.

I am fully aware that therapy is a privilege and my aim is to get you out of therapy as fast as possible. Smily icon


If you can’t afford couple therapy with me there is an excellent organisation in Observatory called FAMSA (Families Western Cape) that offers EFT at affordable prices. They work on a sliding scale according to what people can afford. FAMSA’s details are: 021 447 7951 / 021 447 0170, www.famsawc.org.za.

Therapy is supported if clients are committed to the process. The more willing they are to work between sessions, the quicker they are able to get out of their stuck relating patterns.

Messages are returned as promptly as possible (whatsup always best). I don’t work on weekends or after hours so I won’t respond then, but I will get back to you as soon as I can and if I don’t it’s an error so please follow up with me.

Referrals or other great therapeutic resources

Besides from my EFT colleagues on www.eftsouthafrica.co.za I also refer frequently to the following practitioners.

Working through trauma

Isabella Snyman (Hout Bay, only online currently) – trained and working in a specific trauma modality known as Somatic Experiencing (SE) – 073 141 8349

For parenting support and working with children and teens

Karen Quail (Rondebosch East) – 076 303 5324, karenquail1@gmail.com. Parenting coach that specialises in training and coaching parenting skills and helping parents through challenges they have with their children. She has integrated EFT into her practice. She also facilitates a brilliant parenting course, called Discipline for Peace or Peace Discipline that is highly recommended.

Amy Simons (Scarborough) – trained in art therapy which is an excellent medium to access children and teenagers. She runs both groups and individual sessions – 074 473 7938

Terri Wolf (Scarborough) – kinesiologist who can access emotions through the body. Kinesiology can be a great access point for some children who find it difficult to talk or who aren’t old enough yet to understand what is going on in themselves – 072 783 8683

Working with individual psychotherapists – not all individual psychotherapy is compatible with EFT. It is important that the therapist supports the EFT relational frame that we are dependent on each other and operate within systems where we are co-responsible.

Annika Nicol (Scarborough & Noordhoek) – Clinical Psychologist working with presence and mindfulness in longer-term psychotherapeutic processes – 071 458 3199.

Gary Viljoen (Hout Bay) – Clinical Psychologist in Hout Bay (also mostly fully booked) – 082 563 1470

Ronnie Simons (Scarborough) – Zen coach, very healing deep listening and taking you into the depths of your experience – 084 410 7453