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Couple Workshops

Enriching, Connecting couple workshop – Repairing for couples.

Saturday 23 September 2017, 9am-5pm

Relating is a spiritual practice. When we use the conflicts and challenges that come our way to deepen intimacy and connection, powerful growing and healing happen. The skill of repairing is a brilliant practice for couples. Repairing means we keep attending to the moments when we contract, pull back or withdraw from love. We keep repairing breaches in connection and by doing this we constantly deepen and learn from our relating. Some shifts that happen include: being able to stay with the otherness of the other, working with ourselves so that we can take responsibility and access our vulnerability, knowing the scars we bring into our relating, learning how to respond in ways that really work for our partners and how to keep presencing and prioritising love.

The Repairing workshop is a full, one-day workshop designed to teach couples how to repair with each other. This is an experiential workshop so we learn by going through a repair process.

Most of the workshop will take place within the container of the couple. This means that you will be mostly working together. Any sharing that happens in the group will be sharing insights and learnings rather than any private content of what happens within your relationship. This is part of the way I create safety during the day.

Workshop pre-requisite: The key focus of the workshop is on the skill or practice of repairing. Repair is often a result of the workshop, but  it is not the key focus. For the sake of the workshop it is best for couples to choose to work on something that they can self-regulate in and not something too hot to handle. In other words some things are so highly triggering that we get emotionally highjacked and then can’t self-regulate. Couples are encouraged to work within their capacity for self-regulation.

Spaces are limited.

Early bird price is R700 pp / R1400 per couple if paid in full by Friday 15th Sept. Otherwise the full cost is R800 pp / R1600 per couple. No refunds available due to limited spaces, so please be sure.

The course is a combination of all my personal experience and training, and is primarily based on the Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) framework that I work with. Credit for this work goes to Sue Johnson who developed this model of working with couples.

Participants feedback for previous couple workshops:

“Brilliant, challenging, effective and fun! Your course was awesome – a day later and I am feeling so much more connected to my partner, so much deeper in love and so grateful for having attended your course.” Kevin

“We got so much out of the experience and felt so supported and nurtured throughout the day. I recommend this to anyone in a relationship who would like to connect more deeply.” Hannah

“It was good to realise that to make our relationship a safe, regenerating haven is tangible and within reach. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational day. I am left feeling that I do not want to stop until we can overcome our negative cycle and be real, honest and nurturing in our relating. It was so good to leave feeling truly loved and connected with my partner. I feel inspired to live love! ” Hanneke

“The course was very good and it made me realise that I do have a voice and power and that I am still in love with my husband. It was helpful to our marriage and helped rekindle our love connection.” Gabi

NEW workshopEmbodied Relating

Saturday 21st October 2017, 9am-1pm

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This profound quote captures the beautiful shift into embodied relating. In the deeply felt, bodily experience of ordinary life we have access to the spiritual. Often, however, we are not living in our bodies in a deeply felt way, but rather living in our minds. Our cognitive preoccupation creates a lot of difficulty in our relating. Why? Because part of what we fight for is to have a partner who feels present, engaged and responsive. We have fundamental human needs to be deeply seen and accepted. This doesn’t happen when we are in our heads, so it makes sense that partners become distressed when they can’t find each other in an embodied way.

To be alive is a powerful gift. To sense, to feel, to touch are small pleasures that we so often miss. Life is happening right under our noses and we can tune into the now through our bodies. To understand things intellectually is not the same as knowing it with our bodies and living itAs we become more and more embodied we can really feel the difference in the way we connect with others. It’s fuller, more alive, more fulfilling and present, more attuned, more intimate and much more full of joy. We’re not denying the potency of the mind, we’re just learning that being in the body is a much deeper experience of love and relating.

This morning workshop is not only for couples, but for anyone wanting to feel more embodied in their relating. Having said this, however, it is excellent for partners to come together because it helps for both partners to practice being more in their bodies together. So great for couples, but not exclusively for couples.

The workshop is experiential and process-focused.

Spaces are limited.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Two for the price of one (i.e. 2 for R500) if paid by Friday 13th Oct. Or R400 per person (save R100) if coming on your own. Early bird special ends Friday 13th Oct. Full cost is R500 per person.

Hope to see you there.